Monday, July 23, 2007

Read any good blooks lately?

I just stumbled on Jack Kapica’s witty Weblish post. In it he mentions the Lulu Blooker Prize (I hadn't heard of it before), awarded annually to blogs that transform themselves into into books, er blooks, from a program you can get on the Lulu site. The business was created by Red Hat co-founder Bob Young.

I was curious, checked it out and it's actually quite ingenious. You can publish text (fiction, non-fiction), comics, illustrated coffee table books, calendars. And they promote it on the site.

However, as someone who has written two books the old fashioned way, I wonder if there's any merit in doing the reverse and trying to turn hard copies into a blog (or should I say blok)?


Steve said...

it should have been "blook." (?)

Martin Waxman said...

Thanks for pointing this out. You're right. It was actually supposed to be 'read any good blooks...' I'm going to make the correction.