Sunday, September 02, 2007

Ahh segues...

..the foundation of stand-up comedy. The link that takes you from one joke to another before you’ve even had a chance to notice the comic’s moved on.

I’ve always liked segues (no, not the motorized two-wheel scooters). And since I haven’t written anything since my last post in early August, I wanted to offer a segue from then to now.

OK. I haven’t had a formal bloggervention, but I did find I answered yes to one too many of the signs. So I took a few days off. Then a few more. And before I knew it, the month was gone. And I have to admit I enjoyed being away from my post.

But it’s Labour Day weekend, the end of summer/beginning of fall and a time for fresh starts, first day of school and all that. So as they used to say on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson stay tuned, there’s “more to come”.

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