Thursday, October 11, 2007

Four more years...

First off let me say that I'm not a political animal. I usually follow election campaigns from the sidelines, reading and watching whatever I can stomach and disbelieving much of what I hear.

So it's with a generally bemused and frustrated interest that I present my Ontario post-election observations:

- With low voter turnout, a non-issue issue and a referendum on cronyism, Ontario voted for complacency (and got what they voted for).

- In every campaign it seems that one form of arrogance wins over another (unless it's a minority). We often refer to this as 'leadership'.

- In his victory speech our incumbent premier stated, 'we deplore negativity'. That sounds pretty negative to me.

- It's not his fault, but as leader of the Conservatives, John Tory's name is practically a literary cliche. Mr. Tory, imagine your positioning if you were a bit more rebellious in your choice of party (as in 'this Tory votes Liberal'). Don't ignore the subtext.

- I hate being referred to as 'the people'.

OK, that's done. Now, it's on to four more years...

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