Saturday, November 10, 2007

Everything old is new again

As I mentioned, Giovanni Rodriguez, communications practitioner, social media thinker and one of the founders of The Conversation Group was in Toronto last week to talk to my agency's staff and clients and members of CPRS Toronto and have a chance to social-ize with Joseph Thornley and the folks at Third Tuesday Toronto.

Giovanni presented many thought-provoking ideas. He encouraged PR folks to take a leadership role in social media by going back to our roots and 'relating to the public'.

He suggested we consider social media (formerly 'new media') as an innovative way to reach out to influencers. He contends that this should more than just blogger relations, in the same way that PR is more than media relations (or should be).

And he pointed out that the new tools we're so excited about have been around for a long time: blogging = publishing; podcasting = broadcasting; tagging = indexing; rss = distribution. What's different is that they've become accessible to the masses, 'DIY'.

We live in a 'participatory' world. The question is: how are we, as communicators, going to take part?

Thanks for the conversation, Giovanni.

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