Thursday, May 15, 2008

Future not yet perfect on Blogger

In my attempt to schedule a post on Blogger, I accidentally set the date as 12/05/2008 instead of 05/12/2008, so it was slated to appear in December and not May.

Oops. Realizing my error when the entry didn't appear as expected, I tried to correct things in post options and was able to successfully change the date. However, Blogger wouldn't recognize this and kept the post scheduled for December, even though, in edit mode, it was listed as May.

I deleted the date and replaced it a few times. I tried re-saving as a draft. But nothing seemed to work. S0 finally, I copied and pasted the entry into a whole new post, published it and deleted the original. A bit tedious, if you ask me.

Hopefully, they'll get this glitch corrected. Has anyone else had issues with scheduling on Blogger?

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Michelle Kostya said...

I use Blogger on my "mom-blog", but I write my entries in Live Writer. It won't allow future posts at all. My Marketing blog on the other hand is on Wordpress and I have had no issues with future dates or just an hour or or two later.