Friday, August 22, 2008

On the sidewalks of New York

I recently returned from a short New York vacation, the opposite of a cottage getaway: you leave to energize and come home to unwind.

And walking the streets (not like that) it seems like the best shows really are on Broadway - just not inside.

For instance...

It feels like there's a version of everyone you know or could imagine wandering around NY. Just look around and you'll notice them. The similarities in faces, hair and mannerisms. Call it N-Yapparitions.

The City's sidewalks feature an entrepreneurial bizarre (sic). I saw a grizled old guy handily demonstrating the fine art of slicing and dicing vegetables with some sort of metallic gadget and he drew a crowd. If you're good at something you can do that in Manhattan.

There's an endless stream of people pouring out of every nook and cranny - day and night. And so many connections, however tenuous or fleeting. It's exciting and surprising and shocking and chaotic and funny and fast, fast, fast. This is a real social network in action. NYC is like the urban template for online.

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