Thursday, August 14, 2008

Speed trap

Our 24/7 communications world sometimes seems a lot like the Autobahn: no limits to speed.

But I think we'd be a whole lot smarter if we if we took our foot off the accelerator and paid more attention to the road ahead. (Watch our for that pothole!) We could even enjoy some of the picturesque scenery along the way.

Now I'm not referring to a bucolic, Green Acres type of existence. Far from it: As they sing so eloquently in the show: 'New York is where I'd rather stay.'

However, I am talking about situations where we, as communicators, feel that high sense of urgency (anxiety?) and instantly react.

It happens most often in emails. We press send and there's a typo, a missed word, an undeveloped idea or - a mistake. We're all guilty of this. But it's an easy fix.

Instead of speeding through your to-do list, take an extra few moments - that all - to reflect, consider, think.

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