Thursday, September 04, 2008

Tagged (not it)

To me, that would usually mean one of those *&*?@#! Toronto parking tickets.  (I used to love it  when Li'l Abner comic strips used symbols to stand in for cussing, but I've never done it myself until now.)

But I digress.

Joel Postman tagged me with the Mitch Joel meme on 'social media best practices'.

So, in lieu of a full post, Dave, Terry, Julie and I discussed the subject on the most recent version of Inside PR (#127).  Have a listen and feel free to contribute any other ideas.

BTW, I do have one more thought (though it's more of a piece of advice): 
Find your blogging voice - and then stick to it.  That may take longer than you think but it's worth the wait. 

Note: This was my first post written using the Google Chrome browser. I figured Blogger and Google should get along like family and they do.  I like it for its speed, layout and tab options, but there are a few glitches.  One is I can't seem to figure out how to go from any one page straight to home.

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