Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Social media how-to

Yesterday, thanks to a post by Parker Mason, I came across Dave Fleet's Practical 101s series that explains various social media tools in language that's easy to understand. And he provides clear instructions and useful examples, too. So far, he's covered using RSS with Google searches and social bookmarking. It's a fairly new endeavour, so I imagine there will be more to come.

I'd say it's required reading for anyone interested in social media and the blogosphere, from beginners to people who've been bumping around in it awhile, like me.

Thanks Dave.


Dave Fleet said...

Thanks Martin - I'm flattered!

You're right - I plan a number of future additions to the series. Any topics you'd particularly like to see covered?

Martin Waxman said...

Thanks Dave. Here are two suggestions: a 101 on Twitter/microblogging; and one on how to record a video from a cell phone, upload it to and then to other video distribution sites.

Hope that helps.

Dave Fleet said...

Good suggestions. I'll add them to the list!