Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Vintage Google

In honour of its 10th anniversary, Google has treated us to a youthful version of itself; the web circa 2001. It's quite charming really and the searches yield no Wikipedia results - unless, of course, you type in 'Wikipedia'.

I found an early version of Blogger with its groovy slogan: 'push-button publishing for the people'. Right-on, I say.

I tried to sign in with my current info hoping to connect present with past. But, alas I was left on the platform.

Now, usually nostalgia goes back a little farther than seven years. Something like this. Or maybe our wired world is so sped up, that anything older than yesterday is vintage.


Parker said...

Hi Martin -

Your comment about how "anything older than yesterday is vintage" reminded me of this post on BoingBoing the other day .
It talks about there is now this secondary market of people selling stuff that they bought years ago for nostalgia's sake.

Martin Waxman said...

Thanks Parker. I enjoyed the link. I'm no garage sale guy, but now I know what to do with all my old junk - original Beatles fabric, anyone?