Friday, December 12, 2008

A failure to communicate - and sell

My phone rang a few minutes ago. The gentleman on the other end said, I'm calling to renew your subscription to some magazine I had never heard of.

Now, like most agencies, we get lots of publications. But as I couldn't place this one, I told the rep that I didn't think we had a subscription.

Without missing a beat he said, OK, then will you be interested in a free trial?

I answered quickly, succinctly and in no uncertain terms.

Now, I love magazines and all media, for that matter. But I thought, this is yet another example of communication obfuscation from their industry - trying to sell by pulling the proverbial wool over my eyes.


Russell Cavanagh said...

"Obfuscation" ... ? More like deceit and attempted fraud.

All the best for 2009. Enjoying sifting your blog ...

Martin Waxman said...

Thanks Russell. Good thing I'm no lawyer... Happy New Year to you, too.