Sunday, November 08, 2009

Introducing my social media class

Well, the social media for PR course I'm teaching at McMaster University is half over (hard to believe) and the students are busy working on their blogs. I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce and welcome them to the online community.


Blog title


Devorah Abrams Farmer

Devorah’s Blog


Suad Abukamla

Suadabukamla’s Blog

Natalie Ardanaz

Natalie’s Blog


Lisa Atkinson

Lisa M. Atkinson blog


Christine Davis

My New Digs


Sonja Dowbiggin

Staying Alive in the 905


Donna Drake

Dawna’s Blog


Paul Jones

Collapse of the West


Giselle Kimos

HR and more...


Lesley Morris

It’s All About Relationships


Julia Oudeh

JuliaOudeh’s Blog


Jotsna Pervin

JBPV’s Blog


Helen Powers

Socially Responsible Thoughts


Madeline Robins

You, Me and Poverty


Margaret Shkimba

In the Sisterhood


Mark Skeffington

About Cities


Allyson Wenzowski

Allyson’s Publicity Works School Works Blog


Kaan Yucel

Kaan’s Dervish Lodge


If you have a chance and visit their sites, you'll see an eclectic group; original voices writing about a wide variety subjects including living the unemployed life, corporate social responsibility, city politics, HR, women in society, being a new homeowner, a doctor's view of the mind, and many more.

And, if you do drop by, please share your comments and thoughts. I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

Special thanks to Joe Thornley for suggesting I do this.


sdowbiggin said...

Gee Martin,
Thank you for posting our blogs. It's quite an honour to be featured on your blog. Also, good motivation for finishing up some drafts and bringing it up to snuff!
Have a great week.

Kaan said...

Hi Martin,
I agree with Sonja.

allyson said...

Hi Martin, thank you so much for posting our contacts; the class is great and you are a natural at teaching!!!

Weezie said...

Hi Martin,
Thank you so much for adding us to your blog! I am enjoying your class so much and wish there was another one offered after this one.
See you Saturday.